About the Blog

My journey with self-injury began during my freshman year of high school when I was 14 years old. Since that day I have struggled on and off with cutting myself. There have been times when I’ve gone months (almost years) without cutting myself and then there were times when I would cut every single day. I lived in silence and shame with this behavior for so long and I still struggle with the stigma to this day.

I recently finished a graduate program in counseling and hope to one day pursue a doctoral program in clinical psychology. I learned a great deal in my graduate classes however I was shocked to find out how little we discussed self-harm and the myths about the behavior that still exist in the mental health community. There is still very little research out there on self-harm and support groups geared specifically to the behavior are few and far between.

The goal of this blog is to start openly talking about self-harm. If I have learned one thing about self-harm in the past 13+ years, it’s that self-harm thrives on secrecy and shame.  We are better prepared to conquer self-harm if we have open and honest conversations about it. So, let’s talk about self-harm..