Dismantling the stigma

When I was in high school in the mid-2000s, the internet was not nearly as advanced as it is now and I wrote about my depression in my “online journal” (also known as livejournal). It was a safe space for me to voice my thoughts and feelings and receive supportive comments from friends as well as friendly acquaintances. Thinking back to those days though, I wish a blog had existed for me to visit to learn more about self-harm, hear other people’s stories, and dismantle the deep stigma and shame that surrounds self-harm. Now that I have ten years out of high school and a master’s degree in counseling, I wanted to start a blog to openly discuss self-harm. I want to share current research, book recommendations, coping skills, therapy resources, stories, and overall positive support for anyone out there that is struggling with self-harm. Whether you cut yourself, burn yourself, pull out your hair, bite your nails, pick at your skin, break your bones, or injure your body and flesh in any way to relieve emotional pain, I hope you can find relief and understanding in this blog. Reach out to me and let’s talk.

xoxo L


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